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This sturdy grab is deployed via a stainless steel wire bridle, which is attached to the bucket arms. Once the unit has been lowered and the bottom frame of the sampler has made contact with the sea bed, the latch plates unlock and release the buckets.

On retrieval, as the bridles come under tension the buckets close automatically collecting a sample of the sediment before rising to the surface. Hinged stainless steel bucket flaps allow access into the tops of the buckets for sub-sampling. Additional lead ballast weights can be provided.



  • Sampling area 0.1m²
  • Weight in air without ballast – not exceeding 56kgs
  • Deck space requirement – 750mm x 750mm
  • Height, with jaws closed, to top of frame – not exceeding 750mm
  • Manufactured in 316 stainless steel

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