Subsea Camera



The self-contained system allows users to record the deployment of sediment corer and review the footage on recovery of the corer to check the system has deployed correctly. This aids analysis of the sample and re-deployment of the corer, and offers users a view of the sediment itself for initial assessment.

The camera is attached to the corer and can be programmed at the surface to turn on and begin recording at a specific depth (i.e. deployment depth or just before) via a pressure switch, and records until retrieved to the same depth, which means users do not have to review hours of wasted footage. Data is recorded onto a standard SD memory card.

The system is equipped with an internal power pack that enables recording on repeated deployments to obtain up to an hour of footage. Recharging and data transfer takes place via an external charging port. The camera is equipped with variable powered lights that can either be fixed to the side of the camera, or positioned elsewhere via umbilicals to allow adjustments to be made for visibility. The standard housing is rated to 6000m, but systems for shallower use are also available.

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