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The easily operated Van Veen Grab for the collection of sediment samples is available in a variety of sizes including 0.045m sq, 0.1m sq and double 0.1m sq.

All models have hinged access flaps in the tops of both buckets to enable the sub sampling of the sediment contained in the buckets prior to the emptying of the grab.

Additional ballast to assist in the sampling of compacted sediments, and allowing the grab to be deployed in strong currents, can be implemented through the use of lead ballast weights mounted on the backs of both buckets and also on to both arms.



  • Available in sizes;
  • 0.045m sq weighing 9kg
  • 0.1m sq weighing 25kg
  • double 0.1m sq weighing 52kg
  • 0.25m sq weighing 86kg
  • Manufactured in 316 stainless steel.

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