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OSIL’s Vibrocorer has been designed as an easy to use, easy to transport modular system capable of collecting cores up to 12m in length.

Two large electrical motors power two concentric weights, which produce the necessary vibration. Their nominal frequency is approximately 50 Hz. The sealed Vibrocorer head housing for the motors is designed to operate in water depths of up to 600m.

The modular system is easily assembled dockside or on the vessel itself into either a 3m, 6m, 9m or 12m system before deploying over the stern.

Once the unit is on the sea floor the high power vibrator motors are engaged and drive the core barrel with PVC liner into the bed.

The cutting shoe and core catcher have been specifically designed to minimise the sample disturbance. The unit has been designed for easy horizontal or vertical recovery on to the vessel and then easy recovery of the core barrel once back on deck.

The standard Vibrocorer is a high power modular system that can be quickly and easily deployed, delivering a well defined sample of 96mm diameter.

Depending on the depth of operation, a suitable winch is delivered which contains the umbilical between the vibrocorer and the control unit. This ruggedized control unit is designed to operate in all weather conditions, and in salt water environments.

OSIL are also able to produce a low power version for less-compact sediments, utilizing only one electric motor to produce the vibration.


Features - Frame

  • Base Plate
  • Support Legs
  • VibroCorer Frame (3m sections)
  • VibroCorer Head fitted with high power vibrator motors

Features - Coring

  • Corer Barrel 114mm OD
  • Core Cutter
  • Core Catcher
  • Liner

Features - Surface

  • Armoured Deck supply cable (415V)
  • Direct Online Starter Box
  • Armoured High Power Vibrocorer cable (non load bearing)

Lightweight Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply - 380V 3 phase supply
  • Start up/Operational Current - 1.8kW motors, 28A/4A
  • Vibration Force - 30kN

Standard Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply - 415V 3 phase supply
  • Start up/Operational Current - 3.2kW motors, 43A/8A
  • Vibration Force - 48kN

High Power Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply - 415V 3 phase supply
  • Start up/Operational Current - 7.2kW motors, 50A/14A
  • Vibration Force - 100kN

Optional Sensors

  • Inclinometer
  • Penetration rate
  • Penetration depth
  • Additional sensors are available on request

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