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OSIL provide a range of high quality winches, LARS and equipment handling systems to customers worldwide, with standard products available as well as bespoke systems.

OSIL winches and handling systems can be designed and built to meet certification requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Registry of Shipping, the U.S. Coast Guard, or other certifying agencies.


OSIL offer a comprehensive range of marine winch equipment for lifting and towing or constant tension, including multimode winches and winches with integrated system controls.

• Active Heave Compensation/Control Winches for subsea deployment. These are driven directly by one or more hydraulic or electric motors the winches are specifically designed for load handling in an unstable environment. The winches can be integrated into A-Frame assemblies for even greater control of operations.
• Constant Tension Winches provide safe operation where loads may exceed a given criteria. An external relief valve is set to provide a pre-determined load. The winch will stall if the load is increased and will even pay out if the load increases further. The winch will continue to haul when the load reduces to below the relief valve setting.
• Deep Water Traction Winches are used in conjunction with deep-tow sonar, sub-bottom profiling, towed camera sleds and deep-water search and salvage operations.
• Slip Ring Assemblies ensure accurate, reliable transmission of power, electrical and communications signals.
• Local and Remote Controls.
• Fast Spooling options for use with Dyneema Type Cable.
• For depths up to 6000m.

Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)

OSIL offer a range of top-quality, robust integrated systems suitable for a variety of marine geotechnical uses and provide the benefits of increased efficiency, enhanced safety and simple operation.

• A Frames are available in many types for numerous applications including Remotely Operated Vehicles, towed systems and IWOCS support. All A-Frames can be custom engineered to your specific application.
• Telescoping Launch and Recovery Systems are versatile systems with the ability to operate with many types of packages. The Telescoping A-Frames for ROV systems allows the ROV, TMS and work package to unstack so maintenance can be performed at the deck level.
• Heave Compensation Systems eliminate vessel motion from impacting the deployed package. We offer three types of heave compensation control systems. Passive heave compensation includes manually adjusted controls. Auto-passive heave compensation includes a monitoring package and control system that optimizes its performance. The active over passive adds an electro hydraulic power unit that actively supplements the auto passive system.
• Overboard Sheave Systems.

OSIL specialise in providing integrated engineered systems that are tailored to customer’s specific requirements. From fully instrumented data buoys and other floating platforms, to seabed frames for current monitoring, ROV fired systems, or sediment coring systems, such as the 60m Jumbo (Giant) Piston Corer or the 9m modular Vibrocorer, OSIL can provide clear solutions to the most ambiguous and ambitious of projects.


Osil Solutions

  • Systems tailored to individual project requirements
  • Real-Time and recorded data
  • Global deployment and recovery experience
  • Experienced field personnel
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • High data return rates

Recent Projects

  • Deep Water Current Monitoring System
  • 40m Jumbo (Giant) Piston Corer
  • 42m Jumbo (Giant) Piston Corer
  • 30m Jumbo (Giant) Piston Corer
  • 9m High Power Vibrocorer
  • MiniBAT
  • CTD profiling system

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