Multi (Multiple) Corers



Multi (Multiple) Corers

The OSIL range of Multi (Multiple) Corers combine the flexibility of four models (12 core Mega Corer, 8 core Maxi Corer, 4 core Midi Corer & the smaller framed 4 core Mini Corer) with a suite of features for undisturbed sediment sampling. The Corers offer the ability to collect multiple high-quality undisturbed sediment samples which include the sediment /water interface and overlying supernatant water. This is achieved through the use of a unique hydrostatic damping system. This system slows the penetration rate down to approximately 1cm/s, and removes the typical bow wave seen with other corers.

Each of the four models, Mega, Maxi, Midi and Mini, are easy to operate, and provide a simple and reliable way of collecting the most accurate sample possible. In addition these corers benefit from detachable core holders, enabling the core tubes or, in certain instances the whole corer tube assembly, to be removed from the main body of the corer enabling a succession of samples to be taken during any one mission. The core tubes are sealed top and bottom, allowing rapid retrieval of the corer without jeopardizing the integrity of the samples.

The rugged frame of the corer is made of 316 stainless steel and the core tubing itself can be manufactured from acrylic, poly carbonate or stainless steel, depending on the requirements of the customer. With a deployment rate of approximately 1 metre per second on the descent coupled with a retrieval rate at winch speed the corers are ideal for rapid assessment work.


Environmental Impact Assessments

Geochemical analysis

Interstitial waters

Oil field cuttings piles

Biological survey


Virtually undisturbed sampling of the sediment/water interface

Unique hydrostatic sealing mechanism

Detachable core holders

Simple deployment and operation

Hydraulically damped sampling

Rugged construction

Core Tubes

Outer Diameter (mm)

Internal Diameter (mm)

Length (mm)

Maximum Core Length (mm)

Corer Weight (kg)

Mega Corer


110 or 65

100 or 59

600 or 800

400 or 600

735 or 750

Maxi Corer


110 or 65

100 or 59

600 or 800

400 or 600

700 or 715

Midi Corer


110 or 65

100 or 59

600 or 800

400 or 600

665 or 680

Mini Corer








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